So much to do!


  • Pick up make up at my mother’s friend’s house
  • See Leighaaaa :)
  • Pack…Pacck…Pack..


  • Packing
  • Grad Rehersal
  • Grad BBQ at school


  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Packing the moving van
  • Saying Goodbyes :(


  • Leave Oregon Forever
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We moved

Across town to our friend’s house while they are in their vacation home in arizona. Our lease ends on our house in two weeks and we needed somewhere to stay for two months, so our friends graciously lent us their home! My sister and I share the guest room, and we were going through drawers the other day trying to find empty ones to put our clothes in. Well..I came across a stack full of pictures. The first one was the owner of the house sitting on the edge of a bath tub with a live duck in the bath. The next was her holding the duck. The next photo was her in a lacy bra. “WHOAA” Did not need to see that. I flip to the next photo and it’s her completely nude. “OHHH MY GAAWDDD” I slammed the drawer shut.

Now this was in her guest room. Where her guests sleep. Why would you have naked photos of yourself in there?! And she’s like 50 years old in the photos. Bleh. I did not need to see that. 

My cat was going nuts last night running around the house and exploring. She was jumping on everything and meowing like crazy! I have no idea how she is going to handle being in the car for a week and a half. 

Now we are busy packing up the rest of our stuff in our house and putting it in storage for the next two months, then off to Florida!!! 69 days people!! 

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